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Lets create grassroots finance!

Development Bounties

In general, anything educative for the community is subject to some bounty even if not specifically listed

  1. Join the Discord
  2. See available bounties on grow-ergo
  3. See our job listings

It's no secret that the best way to learn something is to try and explain it - so keep a note of your progress while learning and claim some of the bounties available for Tutorials and Guides for developers!


Alternatively, you can tackle any of the bounties available on Ergo repositories, submit a grant request to the Good Whale Fund, DarkFund0 - or email us directly at the ergo foundation


  1. Create issues on GitHub code repositories. These can be suggestions, text fixes, or any improvements you can think of. This acts as a to-do list for developers, allowing them to track the changes wanted by the community.
  2. Participate in community discussions on the forums
  3. Create an account on and help update and maintain the text.
  4. Join the community discussion spaces


  1. Creating marketing materials or activities. Post these to Telegram, Discord, or Reddit, and you can be tipped (real erg - or erdoge if you're lucky) for your efforts.
  2. Join the @ErgoSocials or the #marketing channel on Discord and collaborate.
  3. Read (or add to) the community built Guerrilla Marketing handbook
  4. Collaborate on the - Shared Figma Graphic Space