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Ergo's primary language is Scala. Similarily, the scripting language used by ergo - ergoscript, is based on Scala.


Tutorials, How to Guides and Explanations found in the relevent sections - See ErgoScript - See AppKit - zackbalbin/ErgoTutorials


  • Sigmastate-Interpreter | The Sigmastate-Interpreter is an ErgoScript compiler and ErgoTree Interpreter implementation for Ergo blockchain's Sigma Language For the development of Ergo applications using JVM languages, a better alternative is to use Appkit.
  • ScoreX, the open-source, modular blockchain & cryptocurrency framework.
  • Scrypto | Scrypto is an open-source cryptographic toolkit designed to make it easier and safer for developers to use cryptography in their applications based on Scorex
  • This library is used internally in Ergo Node and ergo-wallet, the public interfaces are subject to change.